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Want a chance to make a difference? Here it is.

researchmatch-logoResearch positively impacts the lives of millions of people every day, but research needs YOU to keep it moving forward. All too often studies are forced to end early because there aren’t enough volunteers which means many important questions go unanswered and treatment options remain limited. ResearchMatch helps solve this problem by matching people who want to participate in research with researchers who need volunteers for their studies. We match YOU with research.

ResearchMatch is not about one condition, one institution, one partner or one research study…We are a nation of many working together to make a difference now and in the future. Get involved and Get matched today!

This free and secure registry has been developed by major academic institutions across the country with the goal of involving people like you in research studies that can make a real difference for everyone’s health today and in the future.

Making a positive impact

Most research studies need a certain number of people to participate in order to find the right answer. While there are many people interested in volunteering, the process of finding a study in which they would be a good match is challenging. ResearchMatch is a new effort to address this problem.

Anyone can join

ResearchMatch can help “match” you with any type of research study, ranging from surveys to clinical trials, always giving you the choice to decide what studies may interest you.

ResearchMatch allows you to create a “profile” with your contact and personal information and any details about your health you choose to share. Clinical researchers can then query the website and search for volunteers based on their study criteria. Your personal and contact information is hidden from researchers; they can only search for people based on the non-identifying information you choose to provide the site. If you are a potential match for their study, then the site will send you an email with details about the study opportunity. You can then choose whether to provide your contact information to the researcher.

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Visit ResearchMatch to learn more about the benefits of this registry and how you can participate.


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