Patients & Volunteers

The Medical College of Wisconsin invites interested individuals to participate in medical research. Please see our Find a Clinical Trial section for current information on open trials being conducted at MCW. To participate in studies on a broader level, please read about participating in ResearchMatch.

Because choosing to participate in a clinical trial is an important and personal decision, this website also provides basic information about clinical trials at MCW to assist you in your decision. After reading the information provided in the Participant Rights & Responsibilities and Frequently Asked Questions sections, you may also want to speak with your physician and family before deciding to participate in a trial. If you find a trial of interest, you should speak to the researcher conducting the trial or their research staff to ask questions about the specific research study.

Contact the Clinical Trials Office at (414) 805-6999 for further information, for help in locating a clinical trial of interest, or to be put in touch with a specific clinical investigator.


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